Our digital marketing course modules cover both basic and advanced topics. Because all jobs are connected to these modules, we primarily work on two main modules: SEO and PPC. Shopkeepers, store owners, product managers, copywriters and content writers, brand managers, online marketers, and students interested in learning Internet advertising can join after completing their 12th or graduation.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Course Certification Program syllabus

Module 2: Understanding the Website, Creation and Landing Pages

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Module 4: Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads Certification)

Module 5: Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Module 6: Affiliate Marketing

Module 7: E-Mail Marketing

Module 8: Content Marketing

Module 9: Mobile Marketing

Module 10: Web Analytics

Module 11: Online Reputation Management

Module 12: 360 Degree Implementation Of Digital Marketing

Module 13: Customer Acquisition And Retention Techniques

Module 14: Digital Marketing, Ad design & Automation Tools

Module 15: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Module 16: Google AdSense (Make Money Online)

Module 17: Inbound Marketing

Module 18: Shopping Advertising

Module 19: Freelancing

Module 20: Schema Implementation and Data Structure tool

Module 21: Technical SEO

Module 22: Google Search Console

Module 23: Geo- Targeting – International Targeting

Module 24: Cyber Laws

Module 25: Live Projects.

Other Professional like Marketing Executives to learn Internet Advertising skills, Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, PR Professionals for promotions, Consultants can join our digital marketing training program from basic to advanced level. We already have the top position on google by searching these terms like digital marketing in Mohali, digital marketing training institute in Mohali, internet marketing institute in Mohali, best digital marketing course in Mohali, Best digital marketing institute in Mohali, best digital marketing training in Mohali, Best Training Institute for digital marketing course in Mohali